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Virginia Lee Johnson

Gin Fraser



Oak Ridge, Tennessee


I went to St. Francis College in Fort Wayne for two years, then married Ray in 1959. We lived in Hartford, CT, for a few years before moving to Syracuse, NY, where Ray went to graduate school. In 1964 we moved to Terre Haute, IN, for a few years where Ray worked at the University library. We came to Oak Ridge in 1966 and have lived here ever since; we bought one of the original Oak Ridge houses in 1967 and still live in it, but have improved it from time to time. Ray worked while I stayed home with the kids when they were small. I did some volunteer work from time to time and started taking classes at the local community college in the mid-1970s. I did some office work then too, but stayed home again for some years when raising Pete and our granddaughter Beth (born 1984). In 1990 I started managing a real estate appraisal office. I liked that work and continued to manage appraisal offices until June 1970 when I finally retired. Since all our children have been, or still are, military, they live in different parts of the country. That gives us good excuses to travel, and we do so from time to time. We now have 13 grandchildren, so far - Pete is still young and single. Future great-grandchildren may provide more good excuses to travel as well.

Our children were born:
Mary in 1960
Jim in 1963
Teresa in 1965
Tom in 1967
John in 1972
Pete in 1982

I can be reached by email to: ginfraser@comcast.net (refer to "Calumet Class of '57" in the subject line, so it won't be deleted as spam)

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