Biographical Sketch of John Walker

From "History of Fayette County Indiana 1885", Warner, Beers & Co.

(Has information on William Walker.)

JOHN WALKER, farmer, Jennings Township, was born on the old homestead, April 13, 1828, son of William Walker, who was born in Virginia in 1777. The latter, a son of Charles Walker, also a Virginian, settled near Chillicothe, Ohio, and there died (this is Charles).

(This whole paragraph is about William) William Walker was married in Ohio to Jane Corbet, by whom he had twelve children, four of whom are now living: Joseph, James, Samuel and John. The deceased are Jane, Henry, Willis, Alexander, William, Frances, Eliza J., and Lewis. In 1819 Mr. & Mrs. (William) Walker, with their two children, Henry and William, removed to and settled in Jennings Township, this county, entering 160 acres of land. (Note (JDH) Joseph Walker was age 5 but isn't mentioned, neither is John.) Mr. Walker was poor in purse, depending entirely on his own exertions for a living, but he was energetic and made good progress from the start, accumulating, with the aid of his family, about 3,500 acres of land. He was a man of honor, sterling character, and whose word was as good as his bond. He and his wife were members of the Methodist Church, in which they worked for Christ and their soul's salvation till called to a higher reward. Mr. (William) Walker served in the war of 1812 (age 35). He was a Jacksonian Democrat at one time, but joined the Whig party, and died in the ranks of the Republican party. He died May 17, 1859, aged eighty-two years, his wife having preceeded him June 15, 1855, aged seventy-two years, six months.

Our subject (William's son John Walker) was married, in 1853, to Mary E., daughter of David and Elizabeth (Lemmon) Berry, by whom he had three children: Eugene J., Frances S., and Albert S. He has always lived within half a mile of his birth-place. He has prospered, and now owns 230 acres of good land. He is a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, with which he has been connected for many years. He is an uncompromising Republican, and takes more than an average interest in public affairs.