Most collections of genealogy information are naturally filled with random notes, questions, and things to check. This makes them difficult for casual reading. Great effort was put into making this document easy to read, even entertaining. The most significant thing about its organization is that information on all the ancestral families is run "side by side" decade by decade along with American history, and this has helped in deriving even more information. Even though it is loaded with information, you can easily pick an ancestral name and follow that name through the document.

This document is not just names and dates. It gives a feeling of family settings, interaction between families, what life was like for them, personal experiences, things that were happening in American history, and how our ancestors were affected.


Many family members have had a hand in this work, sharing memories, photos and mementos. Without such help, our work would have been much harder and the end result much less rich.

Our history is precious. It binds us and it individuates us. It is something we must preserve and pass on to all descendants.

The following initials of major contributors are used in this document:

JDH - James Dwight Hartsell, grandson of James Oran Hartsell
DVH - Donald Vere Hartzell (deceased), son of Harrison Marine Hartsell
TJP - Thelma Jean Price-Papillo, granddaughter of Harrison Marine Hartsell, and niece of Donald Vere Hartzell

Information on David Hartzell's ancestors comes from material put together by Paul Swan. With his permission (3/13/01 email), I have condensed and modifed his material for this website. For his full text, latest version, and bibliography, see the link for "Paul Swan's Hartzell Chapter" on the home page at www.jdhartsell.com, or its current location at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~paulrswan/Hartzell/Hartzell_Lineage.html. Otherwise, try an internet search for "Hartzell Chapter".


This document is on the web at http://www.jdhartsell.com and/or http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jdhartsell.