Directions to David Hartzell's 1853 Land

From Connersville, Indiana, take Route 44 east towards Liberty. Go about 3 miles to the sign for Springersville and Lyonsville. Turn left (north) and go about 1.5 miles to Springersville. Springersville cemetery is right here, and the Walkers are buried in the southeast quadrant of the cemetery. Turn left (west) at Springersville Cemetery and go about 1.3 miles. Turn right (north) on road 325E and go about 2/10 mile to the second fence on the right (east). Stop before getting to the fence. This fence is the border between Jennings township, which you're in, and Waterloo township to the north. As of 1856, the south end of road 325E dead-ended at this fence line.

David Hartzell's former land, which was purchased in 1853, is to the east, and starts about halfway to the far north-south fence line. Somewhere in the middle of that piece is the boundary between Section 21 and Section 22. He had 8 acres in Section 21 and 12 acres in Section 22. The possible homesite is in a fenced off square in the far northeast corner of the 20 acres.

1997 owner of David Hartzell's land: James A. Snyder, 4305 Springersville Road, Springersville, just west of the Springersville cemetery. Phone number is (317) 825-5024.